planNING your project?

K.N.E. can assist you at every stage of your project, from the design to completion. We can also help guide you through the permit process involved in most construction. Learn more about the services we provide. We're proud of our work and you will be too!

Septic Systems

Site Prep

Foundations, Basements

Utility Trenching

Road Building & Driveways

Geo Thermal Heating & Cooling Systems

Retaining Walls

Rock Hammer Service

Rip Rap  (Waterfront erosion control)

~ excavation ~

We are a start to finish contractor who can provide services for every stage of your project.


Residential & Commercial

Demolition & Removal

Utility Trenching

Rock Hammer Service

slab prep

Septic Systems

Rip Rap & Retaining walls


driveways & road building